PureTek guarantees the quality and purity of its products. PureTek exceeds manufacturing standards established by the FDA and maintains a record of unblemished quality control. Every operation meets or exceeds Good Manufacturing Practices and accepted pharmaceutical standards. Every product batch is tested for purity, potency, stability, dissolution, disintegration, and for any variable influencing the integrity of the finished product in PureTek’s own pristine laboratory facilities.

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About CLM


Central Logistics Management, LLC


CLM was started by a group of professionals that include High Quality Pharmacutical Manufacturers, Experienced Pharmacists, Nationwide Wholesales, and the most skilled Medical Billing Professional to create a unique niche that brings all aspects of Healthcare together:  Patients, Prescribers, Pharmacies & Insurance Companies! 


CLM has one main desire --- To improve patients lives by ensuring they have bringing the three main healthcare entities together:  The prescriber, the pharmacy and most important THE PATIENT!

By providing quality FDA & ANDA approved products and providing solutions that help pharmacies increase their script revenue, help prescribers by offsetting their research of what products are covered